My amazing boyfriend (pictured to the left of me in the middle) bought me tickets for my 16th birthday to see the legendary Paul McCartney up in Nashville, and I can say, this was such an amazing experience. Paul McCartney has put me at a loss for words… I am so amazed at his performance tonight. My love for him has only increased. Thank you, Sir Paul, for the performance of a lifetime, and thank you Drew Brown, for taking me to this magical concert


89usa asked:

What is your favorite David Bowie record?

david-bowie-enthusiast answered:

Oh, lord, that is a wonderful question, I’m so happy that someone actually asked me something about David Bowie :’D

Aladdin Sane
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust
Diamond Dogs

I own all of his albums, and those are just a few favorites, but good lord, how could you just choose one favorite?